26 Dec 2020

Gangsters Doing Frauds In Name Of COVID-19 Vaccine

The world is waiting for Covid-19  vaccine right now, that is the corona vaccine. However, the vaccine has been prepared to defeat Corona. Vaccination has started in America. In India too, the corona vaccine is going to start getting to people soon, for this the Government of India has made all its preparations. 

The companies making the same vaccine have also made their complete preparations. People are going to get relief from Corona soon. But before getting the vaccine, the game of cheating in the name of vaccine has started in the country.

In the name of Corona Vaccine, one gang has now started who looted the people has become active, who traps people in the name of Vaccine and then loots them. 

Fraud gangs are trying to trap people by sending emails, messages and vaccines to people's homes. This game of cheating first started in Madhya Pradesh, people are being asked for their Aadhar card number and fingerprint in the name of vaccine, so that people can be breached in their accounts. This gang continues not only in India but also in America. Many such cases of fraud have been reported from America. Here cyber gangs are asking for money in the name of vaccine.

 But let us tell you that no type of account number, finger print of Aadhaar card are being taken in the name of vaccine in India. 

The Government of India has not yet started the work of giving vaccine nor has it been asked to book vaccine. In such a situation, it is very important for you to be careful with fraudsters in the name of vaccine.

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