21 Dec 2020

Kumar Swamy Push To BJP

BJP is not comfortable even after the fall of JDS and Congress government in Karnataka. BJP is constantly trying to increase its strength in the state. That is why it was eyeing JDS. 

Butt Kumar Swamy has given such a statement, which has given a big shock to the BJP. The drama has been going on for a long time in the politics of Karnataka. Sometimes there is change of power, sometimes new equations are indicated and sometimes even the created numbers gets spoiled. Due to which the party gets a big push.

 Kumar Swamy has given a big push to BJP, which is dreaming of strengthening Kamal by aligning with JDS. Kumar Swamy has shattered the BJP's dreams by making a big statement. Kumar Swamy has said that I want to make the situation clear for the JDS, that by merging with the other party, we will not allow our existence to fade. Kumar Swami wrote in a tweet that I am not able to see the situation arising in future also. Kumar Swamy said that if there is a need in the public interest in the coming days, more and more we can give issue based support. There is no need to give importance to any imaginary news about this.

 Actually, this statement of Kumar Swamy has come amid speculation that it was said that Kumar Swamy can merge JDS with BJP. 

State BJP Vice President Arvind Limbabali while talking to the media about the party's preparations for the upcoming local body elections in the state, said that I think the polarization is going to intensify in the coming days in the country. After this statement, it was said that history can repeat itself. 

In 2006, BJP and JDS formed a coalition government. Kumar Swamy became Chief Minister and Yudirappa became Deputy Chief Minister. This government was formed under 20-20 months of power sharing between the two parties. 

But the alliance broke down after a spat between the two. This is the reason that Swami no longer wants to join hands. Kumar's statement is nothing short of a shock for the BJP.

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