3 Dec 2020

Modi Government Surrenders Under Chinese Pressure

The situation in Ladakh border dispute between India and China remains tense. The soldiers of both countries are strong on the border. The Modi government has stopped many Chinese apps due to the ongoing dispute between India and China. 

The government claims that Chinese companies have been controlled in terms of security in communications sector. More than 250 Chinese apps are being banned by the Modi government, claiming that the government has given strict instructions to China.

The government does not bow under pressure from China. But now with the steps taken by the government, it seems that the government has bowed under pressure from China. Chinese telecom venture company Huawei accuses countries around the world that the information with which it works with the country, transmits intelligence to China. After this, America also banned it. Later many countries of Europe and Australia also banned it. The UK government has also banned the installation of 5G gear of the company Huawei and the devices already installed are targeted to be gradually discontinued by 2027. America has banned it.

 But the Modi government is still allowing Huawei. Yes, this company has been maligned worldwide, the Modi government has included the Chinese telecom equipment company in the workgroup for the rollout of 5G network in the country. 

The Department of Tele Communications has formed a working group for 5G roll out in other sectors including agriculture, fitness, transport and education. Now this company will be part of the workgroup, which will conduct a study on 5G rollout in health and fitness sectors.

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