3 Dec 2020

Will Modi government Send Akshay Back To Canada

Entertainment Desk: Bollywood's famous actor Akshay Kumar is known in the industry for his superb acting and fitness. 

Akshayy Kumar is not an Indian citizen but a citizen of Canada, everyone knows this thing very well. But do you know that soon the Modi government can send Akshay Kumar back to his country ie Canada.

In fact, these days on the border of Delhi, farmers across the country are agitating against the new agricultural bill. The Canadian PM also expressed concern over the situation of the farmers, expressing their reaction to this agitation of farmers. India did not like this attitude of the Canadian PM at all. In response to the Canadian PM, the Foreign Ministry of India said that this is the case of our country, foreign countries should not comment in this.

 On this dispute between India and Canada, the demand of sending Akshay Kumar back to Canada suddenly increased on social media platform Twitter. Users say that, since Akshay is also a Canadian citizen, he should be sent back to Canada too. However, Akshay has not reacted to this issue.

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