9 Dec 2020

Mystery Disease Engulfed Elluru Town: 123 People Hospitalized

Reports have been coming in from Andhra Pradesh where a mystery disease has engulfed the city in which around 123 people have to be hospitalized immediately.

The administration quickly to caption and all the health services as well as scientist from institute of Nutrition Hyderabad were also given the charge to know the exact cause of disease.

A nine-member team of National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad visited Eluru town where many people have fallen sick, yesterday.

The scientists had collected blood and urine samples of patients. Now they are collecting samples of water, milk and vegetables.

According to Superintendent, Eluru Government Hospital, Andhra Pradesh, "number of cases reported at the hospital due to 'mystery' disease has gradually come down. There were 123 patients earlier today, now there are 77. By morning 20 more patients will be discharged."

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