23 Dec 2020

Rajasthan: Gehlot Government To Drop Pilot's Favourites

The tussle has started again in Rajasthan Congress. The Ashok Gehlot government of Rajasthan has to expand its cabinet, then also make appointments in Rajasthan Congress organizations. 

With which the stir in the party has intensified. Two years of Gehlot government have been completed. In the 2018 assembly elections in Rajasthan, the Congress won 99 seats out of 200. Before his magic, Gehlot changed the minority to majority and changed the party to 106 from the BSP MLAs. 

A few months ago, Sachin Pilot took a rebel stand when the government was safe. Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi's intervention brought back Sachin, but the relationship between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot still remains tense.

Sachin Pilot wants to make some of his supporters Minister in the Gehlot government. He is also keeping an eye on the state Congress organization. 

But Gehlot is trying to show distance from Sachin Pilot and his supporters. Sources say that Ashok Gehlot can expand the cabinet in January, which has already started to be seen between Gehlot and Pilot.

CM Gehlot is preparing to remove the ministers who have not done any work from his government and bring in new people. And Sachin has an eye on cabinet expansion. Sources say that the pilot has extended his word to the high command regarding cabinet expansion. 

Pilot was also camping in Delhi for three days, he met the organization's general secretaries KC Venagopal and Ajay Maken and demanded to bring their supporters in the government and the organization. The pilot received assurance from the high command, but Gehlot is not ready to include the pilot's supporters in his cabinet.

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