4 Dec 2020

Sushil Modi May Lose Rajya Sabha Elections

Seat vacated after the death of former Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, elections is now being decided on the Rajya Sabha. After the Grand Alliance did not field candidates, it seemed that Sushil Modi would easily reach the Parliament. But now this is stuck in his election. Due to which Sushil Modi is expected to lose the Rajya Sabha elections.

 Voting for the Rajya Sabha byelection in Bihar is set to take place. BJP's Sushil Kumar Modi is contesting from NDA. The grand alliance had earlier offered Chirag Paswan's mother Reena Paswan to contest the election. But Chirag Paswan turned down RJD's proposal. Later Chirag asked the Congress to give the candidate. But given the difficult election, the Congress also did not field its candidate. Some names were also considered in RJD, but later the party decided not to field candidates. But at the last minute, Engineer Shyam Nandan Prasad has increased Sushil Modi's difficulty by filling his nomination paper at the last minute. Prasad is also seen getting support from the Grand Alliance. As yet, Tejashwi has not announced his support for Prasad. His eyes are first on the scrutiny of nomination papers. If the nomination of Shyan Nandan Prasad is found correct, the RJD will then open its cards.

 This act does not want to repeat the story of UP Rajya Sabha elections. When the SP fielded its second candidate in the last minute, but the hasty landing of the candidate left many shortcomings in the nomination papers and the nomination of the second candidate of the SP was canceled. In such a situation, only after examining the nomination of Shyam Nandan Prasad, Tejashwi can take a decision on his support.

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