4 Dec 2020

BJP Conspiracy Against Nitish

Nitish Kumar may have taken over as the Chief Minister for the fourth time as the Chief Minister of Bihar, but a mountain of problems is standing in front of him. 

This time, he not only has to face the opposition, but also has to confront his ally BJP. Because the electoral results have unambiguously made the BJP a big brother. After which BJP will not back down from running in government.

It is said that the one who wins is called Alexander. Now Sikander Nitish Kumar of Bihar has become but is he really in command of the government or is he only the face and the real character behind the screen is someone else. These questions have been arising ever since the results of Bihar assembly elections have come. 

Becausee the figures made RJD, not JDU, the king of Bihar. BJP has got more seats than JDU. JDU had reached number three. BJP is also calling itself elder brother in the government and is gathering its status. This greatness of the BJP is proving the JDU in smaller levels. Therefore, even after assuming the post of CM, Nitish is struggling with difficult situations.

Even BJP has removed his best friend Sushil Modi. Sushil Kumar has to pay the price for good relations with Nitish. Nandkishore Yadav and Prem Kumar were also not made ministers. Under the pressure of BJP, Nitish had to make BJP leader MLAs the deputy CM. Not only this, Nitish also had to hand over the chair of the assembly speaker. None of the 15 ministers who took oath in the first round are from the minority community. The absence of any JDU Muslim leader as a minister is seen as a decreasing stature of Nitish in political circles. That means it is clear that Nitish is out in Bihar this time, but the power is with the BJP.

Nitish will also have to face tough challenges of the opposition this time. Nitish has been in power for 15 years, but for the first time he is facing this kind of situation, when he himself has become weak, on the other hand his allies and opposition parties are looking strong. The opposition grand alliance is ready to surround them. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see that Nitish will face the challenge. Political experts say that making Nitish Kumar the chief minister is a kind of conspiracy of the BJP. So that Nitish's status in Bihar ends and the BJP can fully spread its legs in Bihar.

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