31 Dec 2020

The Leader of gas victims Hamida Bi Passes Away

Going by the year 2020, another pain has arisen, the eyewitness of Bhopal gas case and Hamida Bi, who is considered to be the icon of the suffering gas victims, is no longer among us. 

Hamida Bi, who raised the voice of the rights of the gas victims for 23 years, died at the age of 64. Earlier, on 14 November last year, Abdul Jabbar, the fighter of the gas victims has also died. Jabbar was a victim of gangrene, but could not get adequate treatment and said farewell to the world.

Hamida Bi and Abdul Jabbar were eyewitnesses of the Bhopal gas case. Both were the courage and courage to struggle for the gas-victims. Hamida was a resident of Ibrahimpura, Bhopal. Hamida Bi saw the black night when 1984, on the black night of 2-3 December, there was a leak of methyl iso cyanide gas from Union Carbide factory in Bhopal in which thousands of lashes were spread. 

More than 5 lakh people had fallen victim to serious diseases like cancer, kidney, liver, burns. Not only with this, these diseases are still forced to suffer generation after generation and to revolve around hospitals. Hamida has been fighting for the compensation and treatment of the gas victims.

 Hamida Bi was the face who fought for the rights of gas-affected Hindu-Muslim families from the court to the streets. Not only this, they also tried to provide employment. 

Hamida and Jabbar Bhai opened the Swabhimaan Center for the skill development of women in which women were taught sewing embroidery and computers. But today, Hamida Bi, the voice of the gas victims is no more with us.

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