19 Dec 2020

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan States In 6-7 Months Around 30 Crore Covid-19 Vaccination Would Be Done

Reports have been coming in from Union Health Ministry where  Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has stated that there have been a little over one crore cases of COVID19 in India. 

Of that those 1 Crore cases 95 lakh 50 thousand cases have recovered successfully. India has one of the highest recovery rates in the world at 95.46%:

According to the Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan it is our scientists and health experts who have worked on the development of a vaccine by genome sequencing.

The work has been done by the scientists by isolation of the coronavirus and developed an indigenous vaccine. 

In 6-7 months, we will have the capacity to inoculate about 30 crore people.

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