27 Jan 2021

Action on unsocial elements: violence during farmer rally 22 FIR registered

farmer rally was scheduled from 12pm but the farmers are entered in delhi before republic day parade. one farmer is dead because of flip of a tractor ITO, thousand of protester raise religious flag in red fort. farmer rally in 26 january in a protest of farm bill goes wrong. because some anti elements are entred in a face of farmer and they start violation in the national capital. and police is in action to catch the anti elements and start finding them by using CCTV futage. anti elements was creating to much mess in the national capital. they plant religious flag in the red fort where prime minister of india hoist the national flag.not only but also farmers are start misbehaving and beating media personality and police during rally.
police is now active to search new anti elements and police take help of CCTV futage to identified them. and also take a help of some crime branch for the investigation. and also some khalistan supporters twitter account suspended during the violence. according to source these twitter accounts are starting the agenda of anti-india. in this issue the indian farmer union's national speeker rakesh tikati says that the violence in delhi because of central government and the utter pradesh government.and its a plan by the government to make a scape goat to farmers. but our protest will be continued. and if government ready to talk with us we are ready for this.
and where union home minister amit shah called high level meeting with top level official. according to source for the issue of farmers the home minister amit shah talk with the prime minister narendra modi. before yesterday evening the govenment deployed paramilitary forces in national caplital. and also kisan morcha will held meeting today at 2pm, where voilence will be the topic of discussion.and at first february farmers are dicided to cover the national parliament.

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