27 Jan 2021

Big grant in TRP scam.

Big revealiton in TRP scam after that republic tv aditor in chief arnab Goswami will face big problems in next coming days. on in this issue BARC means Broadcast odience research counsil india's former CEO parth das gupta is claim that arnab goswami had given 12 thousand US dollar to him for two family trip. which is in indian rupees is almost 8 lakh 75 thousand 910 rupees. and after that he hd given to him 40 lakh rupees in past 3 years.
but the parth das gupta advocate rejected this false alligation says that this statement is given in a we will talk to you that how TRP scam is held. to measure the TRP in some houses there is install some meters. which are bigger than set of box which are installed in houses and there remote is also different from normal remote. on which home these meter are installed there report is given by the according the users age. commonly these houses information are hidden from the rest. but in form of scam these information is shared with news channel. after that news channel is given to those houses some money to open there channel for a dcided time.after that from this happen the channel time and reach both are increased because of this the channel is raised in top position. mumbai police reveal this scam in previous days. after that some unaware facts are reveled from it.

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