28 Jan 2021

beating retreat: know intresting facts about this events

in the evening of 29 january  beating retreat ceremony is organized .for this occasion from 26 january to 29 anuary all government offices are decorated  with beautiful lights. Beating  the retreate is the official closing ceremony of the Republic day celebration in india.

When and how did this tradition begin?

Beating Retreat is a very old traditin in Britain, its real name is 'watch setting' and it is celebrated when the sun sets. Beating the Retreat Ceremony strated in india in 1950 since 1950, the Beating the Retreat program ahas been cnceled twice sinece india became a republic, first due to the earthquake in Gujarat on 26 january 2001 and the second time on 27 January 2009, the eighth president of the country Venkataraman was diagnosed with proonged illness. After the demise was done.

this function celebrated?

this event begins with a collective band playing together with the three forces who  play popular marching tunes. Drummers also perform solo performances. During this period, Mahatma Gandhi beloved tune is played, and chimes are played by tubualr, creating an enchanting scene. 

This is followed by the bugle recital of the retreat, when the band master approaches the president and asks for permission to take the band back, informed that the closing cermonyis complete. 

the band plays the popular  tune saare Jahna se as they go back to march. at exactly 6 pm th Bagalars play the tune of the retreat and the national flag is raised and te national anthem is played and thus the formal celebration of the Republic Day celebrations.

The ceremony is also reminiscent of the age-old taditin of soldiers in which the soldiers used to rest in the evening after a day's battle, which is the time when they returned to their camp and celebrated the evening in the evening with the waning sun. After that, they used to prepare for war again.

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