28 Jan 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Reiterated Commendable Work Of NCC At NCC Rally In New Delhi

As per reports coming in Prime Minister Narendra Modi at NCC Rally at Cariappa Ground in Delhi has said that be it the floods or any other calamity, NCC cadets helped the people of this country last year. 

During the Corona period, lakhs of NCC cadets have worked with the administration and society across the country.  Their work has also been commendable.

Govt has made efforts to see that the role of NCC is further expanded. To strengthen the security network in the border and coastal areas.

The participation of NCC is being boosted as per PM Narendra Modi at NCC Rally.

On 15th August last year, it was announced that NCC will be given new responsibilities in around 175 districts in the coastal and border areas. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also added that for this around, 1 lakh NCC cadets are being trained by Army, Navy and Air Force. Of these, 1/3rd cadets are girls.

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