23 Jan 2021

Brazilian President Thanked And Appreciated Efforts Of Prime Minister Modi In Covid-19 Vaccination

As reported earlier India hat supplied COVID-19 medicine to Brazil as a  friendly gesture to Brazil and now President of Brazil Jair M Bolsonaro has thanked and appreciated the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In the message President of Brazil Jair M Bolsonaro has said that Namaskar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Brazil feels honoured to have a great partner to overcome a global obstacle by joining efforts. 

The President of Brazil has said all these as the vaccines which are sent by government of India reached Brazilian land. 

Thank you for assisting us with the vaccines exports from India to Brazil. Dhanyavaad said the President of Brazil.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his revert tweet has said that the honour is ours, President Jair M. Bolsonaro to be a trusted partner of Brazil in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic together. 

We will continue to strengthen our cooperation on healthcare, tweets the Prime Minister.

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