31 Jan 2021

China is a largest source for critical item in india: Big concern for india

 china is a largest source for critical item in india. India have a big dependancy on china and india want to change its image of a dependent economy. In the season of pandemic india is very much successful to make itself self dependent economy. where the  prime minister of india narendra modi give a new formula to india "Atmnirbhar Bharat" where india is going to be self dependent on all the comodities which are most require for indian citizens like pharmascutical ingredinats, mobile parts, electronic items, and many more. india is now running forward  to be a self dependent economy for the world. and india now want to remove its tag of dependent economy.

now india is looking forward to be  a country which proof itself not to dependent on others. and write its destiny ownself.

The trade deficit is not in dollars it is overdependence, said sanjay chaddha.Additional secretary in Ministry of commerce and industry, speaking at the all india confrence of china studies (AICCS), organised by the institute of chinese studies, and Indian institute of Technology, Madras.

A mobile phone require 85% content from one country. If china were stop for Active pharmaceutical ingrediants for panicilin, india is not able to produce this madicine in the country.

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