12 Jan 2021

Girl From Maharashtra Brutally Raped In Moving Bus

A bizzare incident has been reported from Maharashtra where from a Pune city A 21 year old girl was allegedly raped in a moving bus.

As per reports coming in from Maharashtra a 21-year-old woman was allegedly raped in a moving bus going to Pune from Nagpur, in Ranjangaon area on January 6.  the girl was reportedly going from Nagpur to Pune by a bus in which she was brutally raped.

This matter was not reported on January 6 when it happened but today it has been reported and the police have registered a zero FIR in the case.

A zero FIR has been registered based on the statement of the victim, a senior police officer of Ranjangaon Police Station said yesterday. 

Investigations have been started to locate the bus and the whereabouts of the people who are travelling in it.  Medical examination of the girl has been carried out in the local city hospital.

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