11 Jan 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Says The Nation Is Satisfied With Scientist Works On Covid-19

Reports have been coming in from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi ongoing speech to the nation in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that I'm satisfied that we worked together by standing united in COVID crisis, quick decisions were taken with full sensitivity. 

As a result, COVID has not spread in India on the scale, on which it spread anywhere else in the world.  PM Modi  has also interacted with CMs of all states on COVID-19 situation today.

According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi from 16th January we are starting the world's largest vaccination program. 

Two 'Made in India' vaccines have been given emergency use approval as per Prime Minister Narendra Modi on meeting with CMs on COVID19 vaccine roll-out.

Health workers - govt as well as private - will be vaccinated first of all. Sanitation workers, other frontline workers, defence forces, Police and other paramilitary forces will also be vaccinated in the first phase.

Around 3 crore healthcare workers and frontline workers will be vaccinated in the first phase of vaccination. In the 2nd phase, those above 50 years and those under 50 years with co-morbid conditions will be vaccinated.

We aim to vaccinate 30 crore people in the next few months as Prime Minister Narendra Modi

If you look at the number of health & frontline workers across all states, it stands at around 3 crores. It has been decided that state govts will not have to bear the expenses of vaccination of these 3 crore people in the first phase. Govt of India will bear these expenses.

Bird Flu has been confirmed in Kerala, Rajasthan, HP, Gujarat, Haryana, UP, MP, Delhi and Maharashtra. 

Poultry farms, zoos, water bodies have to be constantly monitored to control the spread of Bird Flu.

As per sources in the meeting with CMs, PM stressed on ensuring that politicians don’t jump the queue and take the vaccine when their turn comes. 

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