29 Jan 2021

Inaugural Speech Of President Ram Nath Kovind To Witness Starting Union Budget Session

As February approaches India start awaiting the Union Budget of the country.  This year also the union budget of the country will be shared on February 1st, 2021 in the parliament of the country.

As the union budget approaches from today the Budget session of Parliament will be beginning.  To witness the start of the union budget session of the Parliament, President Ram Nath Kovind's will be addressing both the houses of Parliament today.

However the central government will be tabling the Union Budget on 1st February.  It is reported that this year Union budget will be witnessing rebates which were done during the period.  The tax reduction may also be witnessed in the union budget.

As per the experts it is reported that this year Union budget will be of mixed response as in the last year during the covid period the central government have given many relaxation for the people in tax and other areas.

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