30 Jan 2021

Mahatma Gandhi death anniversary: PM narendra modi pay tribute to bapu.


President ramnath kovind, Prime Minister Narendra modi, vise president vainkaiyya naidu pay tribute to the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi on  the occasion of his Death Anniversary on Rajghat at Delhi.

PM modi to tribute bapu and says " His ideal continue to motivate millions".

Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead on 30 january,1948 by Nathuram Godse.

His death anniversary is observed as Martyr's day in india.

On this occasion many politicians pay tribute to gandhi ji. now we will show you what written post  by whom on twitter.

PM modi said that" tribute to the great bapu on his punya tithi. His ideal continue to  motivate millions.On Martyrs day we tribute heroic secrifies of all those great women and man who devoted themselves towards india's freedom and the well being of the every indians.

President Ramnath kovind also pay tribute to bapu and said that "On behalf of greatful nation, my humble tribute to the father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi who embraced martyrdom this day. we should adhere to his ideal of peace, non violence, simplicity, purity, of means and Humanity. Let us resolve to follow his path of truth and love.

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