27 Jan 2021

Massive Protest Against Farm Laws By Khalistan Supporters In United States

Latest reports have been coming in from United States of America where it has been reported that supporters of Khalistan have protested against the farmer law.  This protest was held in United States of America.

According to to sources coming in from United States the supporters of Khalistan held a protest outside the Indian embassy in Washington DC in support of protest against farm laws in India. 

This since yesterday has been the worst scenario when the formulas which has been implemented by the government of India has been opposed publicly.

Yesterday we have also seen a mass protest and vandalism in the national capital of the country in Red fort where the farmers created rukus in the national capital to protest against the farm laws.

As per reports yesterday huge numbers of farmers entered forcefully in the national capital of the country and then marched towards it and Red fort creating panic the residents.

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