26 Jan 2021

Sharad Pawar on farmer protest.


Sharad pawar is set on fire againast the government and he started commenting on central government. he alleges "Farmers from punjab, Haryana, western Uttar Pradesh held protest in a disciplined manner but govt didn't take them seriously. As restraint ended, the tractor  march was taken out. Centre's responsibility was to keep law & order in control but they failed: 

sharad pawar is always work on strength of farmers and now when he find this whole seneario and he come in support of farmers and criticising the government for his farm law which was passed by the indian government. he strongly support the farmers on there demand and criticise the government for not hearing the voice of farmers.

farmers was always a big supporter of NCP and when this situation comes sharad Pawar openly comes on in support of farmers. now it will be intresting that what will be the next step of Sharad Pawar against the government. because his party NCP in the government  of Maharastra. so its seems interesting that what Maharastra government take action against the centre govenrment and how government of Maharastra support the farmers.

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