14 Jan 2021

Ministry Of External Affairs Pursuing Issue Of Crew Change In Two Stranded Ships

Latest reports have been coming in from the Ministry of External Affairs where Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Anurag Srivastava in a press conference have said that our ministry and mission in China are continuously pursuing the issue of crew change onboard the two stranded ships MV Anastasia & MV Jaganand.

For MV Anastasia, we're closely coordinating with the Chinese authorities who're finalising the process & the SoPs to affect crew change at anchorage. 

The ship's company is expected to initiate the process of crew change at the Chines authorities directions.

On MV Jaganad, the ship's company has informed us that they've decided to affect crew change in Chiba.

Japan where the ship will disembark 23 crew members who will be flown to their hometowns in India from Tokyo.

India and China maintain close cooperation through diplomatic and military channels to ensure disengagements at friction points along LAC. 

Latest round of WMCC was on December 18. Both sides agreed to hold another senior commanders meeting and are in constant touch in this regard.

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