18 Jan 2021

Nitin Gadkari, Minister Of Road Transport & Highways Believes That Road Accidents To Be Brought Down

Latest reports are coming in from Ministry of transport and highways where in an inauguration message by Road transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that road accidents have to be brought down by 50% with the help of people's participation by 2025.

As per reports Road Transport and Highways Minister while inaugurating National Road Safety month have said that if we wait till 2030, 6-7 Lakhs more people will die. 

So, we've made a commitment that before 2025, road accidents and deaths due to it will be brought down by 50% with help of people's participation: 

We have achieved the target of constructing 30 kilometres of road.  The Minister believes that by the end of March, perhaps we will achieve the target of constructing 40 kilometres of road per day.

World Bank & ADB (Asian Development Bank) approved 2 projects worth Rs 7 cr each. We'll receive approval from Finance Ministry soon. 

So, we'll spend Rs 14,000 cr to improve black spots -death traps- on roads by Centre, State Govt, Municipality.

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