30 Jan 2021

Ambassador Of Israel To India Says That Yesterday Attack Was Terror Attack

Reports have been coming in from Ambassador of Israel to India while speaking to ANI has said that External Affairs Minister, India has called our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Secy called our DG in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. NSA called our NSA. 

There's full collaboration. They gave their assurances & offered all support, protection or assistance that we need.

We have full trust in the Indian authorities, that it will take any measures that are needed to protect the Israeli representatives that are in India, and second, to conclude this investigation & finding those that are responsible for that as per Ron Malka, Ambassador of India, to ANI

Ambassador of Israel to India Ron Malka on possibility of link between explosions in 2012 and onJan 29 said that in 2012, there was a terror attack on Israeli diplomats in Delhi not far from Embassy. 

It might be connected, there might be a pattern. We're investigating and this is one of the options. Investigation is ongoing, gathering all evidence from the scene. 

There's full collaboration b/w Indian and Israeli authorities. As of now, our strong assumption is that it's a terror attack that targeted Israeli Embassy. Fortunately nobody was hurt as per Ron Malka, Israeli Envoy.

All options are there on table. Yesterday when this terror attack was conducted, we celebrated 29th anniversary of full establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and India, exactly yesterday. So, it may not be a coincidence but all options are being investigated.

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