30 Jan 2021

Revealed: A packet of bombs was thrown by terrorists from a moving car

At that time, questions have started to stand on the security of the country's capital Delhi. When a strong bomb exploded near the Israeli envoy around 5 pm on Friday evening. Although no one was killed in the incident, many cars were damaged. The explosion was so strong that the glass of many cars broke. The blast took place about 150 meters from the Israeli envoy. Beating the Retreat was going on on the other side of just 1 kilometer. Before the event, security agencies searched the entire area, not only that a large amount of police force was deployed in the entire area. But even after this, the terrorists carried out the incident.

According to reports, it is being told that the terrorists threw a packet from the moving car to the Israeli ambassador. In which the bomb was kept. Investigations have revealed that this bomb was made from things found in the market. The police has investigated the site of the incident and has taken several samples. It is being told that the police is preparing to make sketches of the accused involved in causing the incident. Police is preparing sketches of the accused on the basis of CCTV footage. All CCTV footage of the area is being scrutinized.

Since the incident there is an atmosphere of panic in the area, on the farmers who sit on dharna on the borders of Delhi, terrorists can also carry out any crime. Therefore, the security system of the farmer movement has been attentive. Police are continuously raiding in search of the accused of the bombings. 

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