30 Jan 2021

During the proceedings of the house, the Congress leader was watching a porn film

The politics of Karnataka has once again boiled. State politics boiled over when a Congress leader was allegedly watching pornographic videos on his mobile phone during the proceedings of the House. The video of which was telecast by a local Kannada language news channel. After the matter came to light, the BJP said that it is against the dignity of the House, they should resign.

According to the information received during the proceedings of the Karnataka Legislative Council, Congress leader prakash

Rathore was watching pornographic videos on his mobile phone. Whose video was shown by local news channels. BJP has become attack after the case. BJP leaders have demanded the speaker to take action in the matter and also demanded the Congress leader to resign.

Regarding the matter, the Congress leader says that during the Question Hour, he was looking at the content related to the question in his mobile, but his mobile memory was full. Therefore, he was deleting the files in the phone. BJP has made the issue an issue. Let me tell you that earlier in 2012, three ministers of BJP government in Karnataka were caught on camera while watching porn clips on mobile during assembly proceedings, after which all three ministers resigned from their posts.

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