28 Jan 2021

Shock for BJP: sourabh ganguly will not join the BJP.

 There is still only a few months left for the assembly elections in West Bengal. Before the assembly elections, the BJP is busy encircling the Mamta government, in the same state, the BJP seems to be troubled by Mamta's popularity. To counter Mamata's popularity, the BJP has been lashing out at Indian cricket team captain Saurabh Ganguly for months, but Saurabh Ganguly's health is overshadowing the BJP's strategy.

The question of whether Saurabh Ganguly will get on the BJP's pitch to oust the Mamta government from the power field is constantly being raised. Speculations about Saurabh Ganguly joining the BJP have begun. Earlier this month, when JP Nadda was about to visit Bengal, there were speculations that Saurabh Ganguly could join the BJP. But even BJP president  Nadda's Bengal tour, Sourav Ganguly's health deteriorated. 

  After which BJP had to change its strategy. Meanwhile, Laxmi Ratna Shukla, a team MLA and close to Saurabh Ganguly, resigned from Mamta's cabinet, after which the signs of Saurabh Ganguly's entry into the BJP were strong.

After which now Amit Shah is going to visit Bengal again. During his tour, Shah will also rally in Howrah, Bengal BJP has started its preparations to make Shah's rally a success. Sources say that the Bengal BJP had also started preparing to meet Saurabh and Amit Shah, but Saurabh Ganguly's health deteriorated even before Shah's visit. Saurabh Ganguly was admitted to a hospital in Kolkata. Due to the deteriorating health of Ganguly, it is now believed that he will not enter politics now. Because the doctors treating Saurabh Ganguly say that Saurabh needs to rest at this time, he should not run away at such a time. Now elections can be announced in the state anytime, Ganguly is not feeling well. In such a situation, the BJP will be forced to change its strategy against Mamta.

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