28 Jan 2021

If you want to increase your weight, then include these superfoods in diet

. Just as some people in the world are worried about increasing weight, in the same way some people are also very upset due to their leanness. If you are also troubled by your reducing weight, then by adding some superfoods in your diet, you can increase your weight easily. Let us see what is necessary to include in the diet to increase weight. 

If you also think that eating more food can increase your weight, then you are wrong, because eating more food rather than eating it right and better increases weight. To increase weight without consuming any supplement, always keep balance on your plate and eat high calorie add calorie without bulk you can eat gravy, sliced dryfood, and runch dressing you can use.

Dry fruits - eating  dry food every day is very beneficial for you. but these people who want to raise there weight they can eat dry black berry, khubani, apple, cranburry they can try. every day you can eat these dry fruit with soak in milk.

Nuts-  almond, akhrot, pekan, cashew, seed of sunflower, pumpkin grains if you can eat this your weight will defanately increase. you can eat this nut after roasting it.

Bread and grains-  to increse the weight bread and grains are a good option. it contain fiber and starch which give energy to your body. this type of food known as bageles which is full with extra callorie. to eat this you can increse your weight. 

oil - to increase callorie in your body you can add healthy oil in your deight. olive oil in full of healthy monosaturated fat. and increse the calorie and taste in pasta, bread, and vegetable. if this oil will add in your food your weight will increase easily.


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