28 Jan 2021

PM Narendra Modi Reiterates On India Strong And Friendly Hold Across Globe

Reports  coming in from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking at World Economic Forum's Davos Agenda have said that we believe in opening all the sectors for market participation. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi further added to take the example of UPI. Transactions at UPI platform have crossed 2 billion per month. 

A major portion of these transactions are taking place through the apps developed by private players as confirmed by PM Narendra Modi.

PM Modi further added that we are promoting the investment in frontier technologies like AI, additive manufacturing, and interdisciplinary cyber-physical systems.

It is estimated that the infrastructure needs of the country would be around 4.5 tn dollars by 2040. 

PM at World Economic Forum  said that he believes that Govt and industry would have to achieve this goal in unison. 

Govt is continuously working towards providing stable environment and all help. 

India launched 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan' with the resolve of increasing the capacity of our economy. India made one reform after the other to provide a high growth trajectory to economy in this decade. 

These reforms were long awaited and will be implemented soon according to PM at World Economic Forum's Davos Agenda.

Govt has continuously taken several majors steps to boost manufacturing in India. Corporate Tax brought down to 15% for new manufacturing units. 

GST rates have been reduced. Through GST & Faceless Assessment tax structure has been simplified. Labour laws have been reformed.

Several points have been decriminalised in Company Law. To raise competitiveness, connectivity infrastructure is being strengthened. 

During pandemic we saw that Indian companies are capable of tackling supply shock, they maintained medical supply in India & across the world: PM

India is saving the lives of people in many other countries of the world by sending COVID vaccines and developing the necessary infrastructure for the vaccination 

In these tough times, India has been undertaking its global responsibility from the beginning. When airspace was closed in many countries.

PM Narendra Modi at World Economic Forum's Davos Agenda said that India took more than 1 lakh citizens to their countries and delivered essential medicines to more than 150 countries.

Right now there are two made in India vaccines. World Economic Forum will be relieved to know that in the time to come many more vaccines will come from India.

In just 12 days, India has vaccinated more than 2.3 million healthcare workers. In next some months, we will achieve our target of vaccinating 300 million elderly people and people with comorbidities.

Amid apprehensions, I have come before you with a message of confidence, positivity, and hope for the world on the behalf on more than 1.3 billion Indians as per Prime Minister Narendra Modi at World Economic Forum's Davos Agenda.

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