15 Jan 2021

Strict Action Taken Against Contractor In SAIL Rourkela Steel Plant

In a Preliminary inquiries which has been done to the death of four contract workers in SAIL Steel Plant have reported that their death was due to exposure of toxic gas.

As per reports in preliminary inquiry indicates that the death of 4 contract workers in SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant on January 6 was possibly due to their exposure to a pocket of toxic gas entrapped in sludge deposits inside a gas pipeline.  

This preliminary enquiry report has been submitted by Rourkela Steel Plant and has been share to the media by SAIL Rourkela Steel Plant.

However according to the reports shared in strict action has been taken against the contractor. 

He was forced to pay Rs 10 lakhs to family members of deceased and SAIL has offered permanent job to a family member of each of the deceased workers as reported by the Rourkela Steel plant.

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