20 Jan 2021

Supreme Court Begins Hearing On Farmers Pleas

Reports have been coming in from Supreme Court which has begun the hearing of the pleas of the farmers which are lying with the Supreme Court.

As per reports the Supreme Court will look on the issue of farmers protest at Delhi borders and Centre's plea against the proposed tractor rally or any other kind of protest. 

Advocate appearing for Kisan Mahapanchayat tells Supreme Court that application has been filed on their behalf to reconstitute the Committee after one member recused from it.

Supreme Court has asked whether it's the same Organisation which rejected the constitution of committee yesterday or some other Organisation has joined in the hearing of the Supreme Court.

As per Chief Justice of India(CJI) the Supreme Court has given the power to the committee to listen (to farmers) and come to us and file their reports, the CJI said.

"What is the point of bias in it?," the CJI said and added that don't cast aspersion on Court.

The Chief Justice of India has said that no power has been given to committee members to adjudicate things, they have to report to us. Where is the question of bias? 

If you don't want to appear before committee, don't appear but don't malign or brand anyone like this, don't cast aspersion on the court, CJI says.

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