29 Jan 2021

Supreme court granted 6 months more to justice sirpurkar committee on Hydrabad encounter case.

Supreme court today give more time to Justice sirpurkar commitee to constituted to look and inquire into the Hydrabad encounter. we acknowledge you that some time ago 4 accused (Shiva, navin, keshwalu, and Mohammed Arif) of raping 27 years old veterinarian doctor in Hyderabad were encountered  by the hyderabad police. and this encounter was said that as a fake encounter. so the supreme court has constituted a committee to enquire in this fake enconter case. it was said that police bring them to under the flyover where this incident was happend to recreate the scene.where these four accused was killing her. and on this recreation of scene these four accused was trying to run from the place.and police take a strong action and encounter them.

Supreme court today granted six months more time to (justice) V S sirpurkar commitee, to constituted to look and inquire into the Hyderabad encounter case (in which four accused in rape and murder of a woman veterinarian were shot dead)?

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