6 Jan 2021

Two Indians From Hyderabad Sitting Outside Indian Embassy In Abu Dhabi With Hope To Return To Country

Reports have been coming in from Hyderabad where Hina Begum bus speaking to ANI had said that her mother and sister in Abu Dhabi has been tortured by the many household members where they had been working from December 2019.

As per reports coming in from Hyderabad Heena Begum has said that a travel agent provided a job to my mother and sister in Abu Dhabi. 

Initially, they worked in a Yemini household where they were tortured by family members. After 9 months, they left the job and were employed in another household.

Hina Begum in Hyderabad  speaking to ANI has said that their second job, they were not being provided with proper food and accommodation. 

Finally, they left the job and approached Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi. For last one week, they are staying outside the Embassy. I urge the govt to bring them back.

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