6 Jan 2021

Grammy Awards Postponed To March 14th, 2021 Due To COVID 19 Restrictions In New York

Reports have been coming in from the world of entertainment where it is reported that the 63rd annual Grammy awards which was said to be held this month have been delayed due to the present covid-19 conditions and restrictions.

The Grammy awards organizers have said that now the grammar will be held on March 14th due to the present known conditions of covid-19 virus.

In the media interface by the Grammy awards spokesperson in New York have said that in the recent past we have seen ICU's having reached the full capacity of the hospitals with many people losing their lives.   

And the irresistible fight of humans against the deadly virus have posters to postpone the event to March 14th.  The new guidelines of the state and the country have forced the organizers of the Grammy awards to postpone the event with no choice left.

This statement by the organizers of the Grammy awards have been signed by executive by the recording academy which presents the Grammy awards.  It has also been signed by the CBS the long time broadcast partner as quoted by New York Times.

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