20 Jan 2021

Zero Visibility Reported From Whole Of North India

Indian Meteorological Department has reported that some parts of North India has been experiencing zero visibility due to fog.

As per reports coming in from Indian Meteorological Department which has stated that visibility Meteograms for Palam (Delhi), Amritsar (Punjab), Lucknow (UP), Varanasi (UP) and Patna Airport (Bihar) show that the lowest visibility reported.

As per reports this lowest visibility is also reported over Palam and Varanasi Airport has been 200 and 400 m in the early morning hours of today as India Meteorological Department.

Indian Meteorological department has further stated that Visibility over Palam has improved since then and is 600m at 7:00 am. 

As per reports it is zero visibility over Amritsar since past 6 hours and over Patna and Lucknow since past 2 hours.

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