9 Feb 2021

3 separate terror attacks in Afghanistan, 8 people killed

Four government employees and four policemen have died in separate attacks in Afghanistan on Tuesday. Officials gave this information. At the moment no one has claimed responsibility for these attacks. Kabul's chief of police spokesman F. Farramraj said that four employees of the Ministry of Rural Development were killed in an attack by gunmen in Bagh-e Daud area of ​​the capital.

He said that the police is investigating the case. Another government employee was injured in a sticky bomb planted on a car at another place in Kabul itself. Provincial Governor Wahid Katali said a police vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Jenda Jan district of Herat province. Four policemen were killed and one was injured in the blast. Significantly, incidents of violence have increased int the country after a deadlock in the peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban for months in Qatar.


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