3 Feb 2021

#302MustinSSRMurdercase: top trending on twitter.


Today top trending on twitter that 302 Must in SSR Murder case. Because some evidence have found which are said that 8 hard drives of SSR that were cleaned out? what was on them?  on this issue social media users are starting tweet on this issue and sharing there views on it and start trolling the rhea chakaraborthy for it. and also tag CBI and demand of probe on this issue.

we inform you that some time ago during lockdown sushant singh rajput attempt suicide on his flat. and most of the peoples are claiming that it murder and some peoples are claiming it a suicide. so it is not clear that what was happend on that day. it was suicide or murder it is totally unclear . but now what will do CBI on this issue. and what will reveal in near future it is intresting to see . sushant was a famous actor and he performed in various movies and profe him self as a most intense and talented actor in the industry.

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