3 Feb 2021

youtube star amit bandhana: some intresting facts about him


Amit bandhana is a famous you tube star. for his famous comedy videos which are look in a very funny role. amit bandhana was born in 7 sep 1994. and his now age is 26. he born in bulandshahr city of utter predesh. and he completed his education from university of delhi. he is law graduate student. and currently in his youtube channel more than 22 million subscribers are exist. in may 2020, he claimed to be the first indian individual youtube content creator to reach 20 million subscriber. one of the Bhadana's videos was featured on youtube 2018 Global top 10 videos list.

he earn 100000 lakh subscriber in 2017, and 1000000 subscriber in 2018, and 10000000 subscriber in 2018. Bandana started his youtube channel on 24 October 2012, and started publishing full videos from 1 march 2017. He uploaded his first youtube video titled Exam Be like Board preparation Be like. on 25 may 2020, Bhadana claimed that his channel had 20 million subscribers. His videos include a dub on a song by Eminem and a reply to the song "Hello" by the artist Adele.

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