12 Feb 2021

After giving resignation from Rajya Sabha TMC MP says, I feel suffocated in the party

Before the assembly election in west bengal TMC faces many shock by its party members. After the subendru adhikari and rajeev banerjee, new leader of the TMC and the Rajya sabh MP Dinesh trivedi has resign from the party. it is said that the Dinesh  trivedi will join the BJP  very soon.

During his resignation he says " When i get the award of best MP then i was said that my parents made me to able for this. now we are seeing  that whole world is looking towards us. and we all have done our work  very beautifully. PM gives every one credit for this but the leadership of him. and he says that the which type of brutality is happen in our state i  cant to do something for this.we are coming from that state where ravindra nath tagore and khudiram bose was born.

He also read the poem and says basiclly we are for  our motherland. we want to do something but what we can do. but now i am feeling suffocated because we are not able to do something and there brutality is regularly happens. my internal soul voice says me this today. 

and qoute to Swami Vivekanand and says 'if you are sit here but you are not able to say something so best for you that give the resignation and do something in for your mother land. i am giving resignation from here and i will continue my work for both  bengal and the country till my last breath.

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