12 Feb 2021

#Justiceforrinkusharma : top trending on twitter today

On thursday night in national capital delhi 25 year old young guy was killed by stabbed. it is said that the four to five people come to his home at the night and they start fighting with his family and they beaten the whole family. and after that the man which name is rinku tryig to oppose them they stabbed his back and run away from the site.

it is said that the decedent was the member of youth wing of BJP. and he also the member of Bajrang dal. and from some days he collecting money for the Ram Mandir abhiyan. and it is said that for this reason there was a fight was happen with some muslim people.

 and it is also said that the  decedent had given blood to a lady who was belonging to the muslim family for save her life from covid 19. for this reason they are very angry and they take revenge for this by killing him. police has registered the FIR and also arrested the four person who killed rinku shrma. and the investigation is going on.

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