24 Feb 2021

After "modi rojgar do", now trending on twitter "yogi rojgar do"

currently in india the unemployed youth have started there protest against the goverment. Because they are suffering more by this slow recruitment system. beacuse if the recruitment opens then delay for the exam and if exam completed then they have to wait for the result and if the result cleared and they are selected then the authorities  delayed for joining and in this process of recruitment student got frustrated during this process. and  students destroy there 4 to 5 years in this process and at last there hands empty in this process.

and in this series of protesting first students trending modi rojgar do and after this students are now trending on twitter"yogi rojgar do". reason behind this is that UPPCL releases notification more than 22 diffrent recruitment  post but after 4 years more than 21 recruitment are in hold and there is no clue that how much time this process will take. 

so its a big burning issue among the unemployed youth and they are suffering for the government job and it will take how much time it is totally unpredictiable and how india will overcome with this issue and how much student will suffer  it is in the trough of future. But if govenment will not take action on this issue defanately student will take major stand on it.

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