12 Feb 2021

Biden attack on trump over Corona vaccine

Enclosing former President Donald Trump about the program being run in the country for the Corona virus vaccine, new President Joe Bide said Trump had not carried out his responsibility. When he should have focused on the vaccine, he was busy reversing the election.

US President Joe Biden has surrounded his predecessor Donald Trump with the Corona vaccinatin Program.He said that Trump did not bear his responsibility on vaccination. he has inherited a bad vaccination. He has inherited a bad vaccination program from former President Trump. Biden said Thrusday at  the National Institutes of Health program that Trump spent the last two months of his term trying to reverse the November 3 election results. They did not order adequate vaccine doses for vaccination.

Biden said, "We have ordered enough vaccines for all Americans." Contracts have been signed with Moderna and Pfizer for a dose of ten million. He has expressed the apprehension that the death toll from the corona in the United States may reach half a million by next month. So people continue to wear masks for prevention of infection. Please tell that after becoming President, Biden made it mandatory to wear masks in the country. Trump refused to take this step during his tenure. 

At the end of the year 2019, more than 27 million people have been found infected in the world, which is the most affected by the epidemic in the world due to the deadly corona virus originated from Wuhan, China. More than four lakh 75 thousand victims have died.

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