17 Feb 2021

BJP will form the government in nepal and srilanka

Tripura chief minister viplav deb claims that BJP will expand and the form government in nepal and srilanka to. and he said that this statement is  not him  but this statement has given by Amit Shah when he was national president of BJP and come to agartala for a formal meeting. and he said this statement when national president Amit Shah come to agartala and "We were discussing about the party at the guest house in agartala when he[Amit Shah] was national president of BJP.

 Someone from among us pointed out that the BJP is doing well in the country... in response Amit Shah said there is still srilanka and nepal left. We have to take the party there..We have to win there also, Mr. Deb had told the gathering in Agartala.

and Kathmandu formally objected to reports of the BJP allegedaly planning to expand its presense in nebhouring countries like nepal and srilanka.

"Noted formal objection already conveyed". said Mr. Gyawali on social media after people demanded to take step against assertions by deb.

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