17 Feb 2021

Kiran Bedi removed as Governor of Puducherry, politicial upheaval

The report have been coming from puducherrry where  Kiran Bedi has been romoved from the post of Lt. Governor of Puducherry on Tuesday in a release from Rashtrapati Bhavan. Telangana Governor Tamilasai Soundarnrajan will hold additional charge of this union territory. After the removal of Kiran Bedi, the Union territory is witnessing political upheaval.

"The President has directed that Dr. Kiran Bedi will stop holding the post of Lt. Governor of Puducherry," the release said. The President has appointed Dr. Tamilasai Saundararajan, Lieutenant Governor of Telangana to discharge the duties of Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry in addition to his duties, until regular arrangements are made for the post of Lieutenant Governor.

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