9 Feb 2021

corona vaccine injected to 60 lacks of people, says health ministery

Corona vaccination is being done rapidly in the country. Union Health Ministry Additional Secretary Manohar Agnani said on Monday that 23 people have died from the vaccine so far, of which 9 died in hospital and 14 died outside the hospital. A 29-year-old woman has been reported dead in the last 24 hours. As of 6 pm Monday (February 8, 2021), 60,35,660 people have been vaccinated with the Corona vaccine, of which 54,12,270 health workers have been vaccinated. From February 2, we have started applying vaccines to frontline employees also, their number is 6,23,390.

Giving information, Additional Secretary Manohar Agnani of the Union Health Ministry said that vaccination sessions were organized today in 35 states and union territories. During this period, 2,23,298 people were vaccinated with corona till 6 pm. Agnani said that 23 people have died so far after being vaccinated by Corona but vaccine is not the main cause of these deaths. He said that no serious adverse event has been reported so far. He said that some people were also hospitalized after vaccination.

India number one in the case of the fastest corona vaccine

The Union Health Ministry said that India still remains number one in the world in terms of the fastest corona vaccine. India has achieved this feat in just 24 days. The United States took a total of 26 days, while Britain achieved it in 46 days. 

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