20 Feb 2021

Disha Ravi was in touch with Khalistan supporters: Delhi Police


Opposing the bail plea of climate activist Disha Ravi in the 'toolkit' case, Delhi Police on Saturday alleged in a court here that she was preparing for toolkit along with Khalistan supporters. At the same time, she was part of a global conspriracy to discredit india and create unrest in the country under te guise of peasant demonstration.

 Police said before Additional Sessions judge Dharmendrea Rana, "This is not just a toolkit. The real pla was to discredit India and create unrest in the country. The Delhi Police alleged that Ravi erases all whatsapp chat, emails and other evidences and she was aware that what legal action she may fight.

The police argued in the court if she had not doing any wrong thing then why she erase the all emails and whatsapp chat where important evidences are stored. 

Disha was arrested by delhi police in Bengluru last saturday. Disha had booked under the sedition and other charges. now it is intresting to see that how delhi police recollect the evidences against Disha Ravi and what punishment she get by this.


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