20 Feb 2021

This tamil actor commit suicide, found dead in his friend house

Tamil actor Indra kumar commit suicide at his friend home. when his friend know this news he inform to the police. Indra kumar body has send for the postmartam. and police has start its investigation on this case.

Indra kumar friend said that the actor has gone to look movie along with the friend at wednesday night. after looking the movie he was alone at his friends house. and when in the morning his friend knock the gate the gate was not opened. so when his friend  break the door  he had  found dead in the room. police is now start investigating the issue but the at the spot there is no suicide note founded.

What is the reason behind this dengerous decision of the actor it is totally unknown for the police but police start its investigation on it. Actor had done so many tamil serials and now days he was searching for the work. Actor had married and have one child in his family.

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