4 Feb 2021

Farmer protest: America support the new farm law of india

 United states of America president Joe biden administration support the indian farm law which is the cause of big farmer protest continuing in india. Joe biden administration said that we should praise the steps which are taken by the indian government. and it will normalize the indian market condition and also raise the investment in the indian market.

This statement come from america on which time when many foreign celebrities like greta thunberg, mia khalifa, rihana famous pop star are supported the farmer protest. and america neighbour country canada's PM Justin trudo also support the farmer protest. today is 71 day of the farmer protest.

Farmer protest in international headlines

farmer protest in india is now converted into international issue. when many famous foreign celebrities are supported the farmer protest. and indian celebrities are come on support of indian government and they reply to foreign celebrities where sachin tendulkar said this issue an internal matter of india and many indian celebrities like akshay kumar, ajay devgun support the indian government and said this is a internal issue of india.

America in a favour of peaceful farmer protest

on this farmer protest issue american foreign ministry has releses its first statement and says that america government is in favour of peaceful farmer protest. and we suggest the indian government that resolve the issue by talking bilaterly on the issue.

indian foreign ministry advices - first understand the issue then comment

indian foreign ministry advices to these famous celebrities and says first understand the issue then comment on it. and clearly says " we are requested to you that when you release your statement please check the facts and then reply on it.

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