9 Feb 2021

H.M. Amit shah says the work of evacuating people trapped in the tunnel continues on a war footing

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Tuesday that the work of evacuationg about 25 to 35 personnel of NTPC's under-construction project is on a war footing, stuck in a tunnel due ot falsh floods in the Rishiganga River in Uttarakhand on Sunday. In this accident, 15 people trapped in another tunnel have been rescued.

Shah said in an automatic statement in the Rajya Sabha on the Uttarakhand flood disaster that an avalanche occurred in the upper catchment area of ​​Rishiganga, a tributary of Alkhananda in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, at around 10 am on February 7. Due to this, the water level of the Rishiganga river suddenly increased significantly.

He said that a 13.2 MW capacity hydroelectric project was completely washed away due to floods in Rishiganga. NTPC's under construction 520 MW hydroelectric project in the low-lying Tapovan was also damaged due to this flood.

According to Shah, the Uttarakhand government said that now there is no risk of flooding in the lower area. At the same time, the water level is also decreasing. He said that the central and state agencies are keeping a close watch on the situation.

Sharing information from the satellite, the Home Minister said that the avalanche occurred at the glacial mouth about 5,600 meters above sea level. This snowflake was almost as big as 14 square kilometers. Due to this, there was a sudden flood situation in the lower areas of Rishiganga.

Sharing the information received from the Uttarakhand government, Shah said that by 5 pm on Monday evening, 20 people had died in this disaster and six people were injured. 197 people went missing in this disaster, including 139 employees of NTPC's under construction project, 46 employees of Rishiganga working project and 12 villagers.

He said that 12 persons of NTPC have been rescued safely from a tunnel. 15 people from the Rishiganga project were also rescued at the time of the incident. An estimated 25 to 35 people are stranded in another NTPC tunnel, Shah said. The effort to save these people continues on a war footing.

Along with this, the work of finding missing persons is also being done on a large scale. He said that the state government has announced an ex-gratia amount of Rs four lakh each to the next of kin of those who lost their lives in this disaster.

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